Inspired by pure simplicity, the modern
minimal look derives its feel from clean living and the absence of clutter. More often than not some of the most effective examples are a result of considered design and top craftsmanship, although producing the simplest end result.

Throughout cultures and civilisations the needs and ethos of simple living have provided inspiration for generations of designers. The form and function of a design, be it a piece of furniture or an object, are the main criteria for its look. Everything is paired down to its basic requirements, all that remains is the designer's interpretation of what it should say.

That all sounds a bit arty
when you look at examples it all seems to make sense. Take the German architect Mies van der Rohe. Back in the beginning of the last century he coined the phrase "less is more." If you look at his buildings or even his furniture, an example of his modern furniture is the Barcelona chair (1), first produced in 1929, although it is now constructed of modern materials it still has the simplicity of something natural with the lines of pure design.

Web design is a wonderful way to unleash the creativity of students. Unfortuantely it is also a way to spend countless hours searching for or developing graphics and window dressing for pages. Often the lore of the things I call cotton candy for the eyes, will result in students concentrating more on the technology than the learning process.

In order to help students avoid this pitfuall I adopted a mantra of "Web pages should be food for the mind, not cotton candy for the eyes." As time progressed it became evident that successful educational web pages must be a blend of food for the mind and cotton candy for the eyes. One without the other will result in a product that falls short of success. It dosen't take advantage of the medium in which it was created.

Pages need to be rich in content
they must also be asthetically appealing, as well as easy to navigate. Though they may be straight text, that can almost always be designed to take advantage of the hyperlink capabilities. Without that component it isn't web publishing as much as it is print publishing being presented on the web. It is much like watching a TV show that is little more than text scrolling up the screen.

All of this requires a new set of skills or at least adjustments and additions to current skills. The "less is more" approach to web page design used by OII, places an empahis on the content, not technology. By learning solid web design basics along with basic HTML authoring, with only a few hours of instruction, the novice user can begin creating well laid out, asthetically pleasing pages that take advantage of the hyperlinking, interactive and collaborative power of the web.

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